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Cleopatra's Amulet Ring 18K Gold Plated


Fiore Ring Sterling Silver


Thonis Menefer Ring Vermeil 24K


Peristera Ring Vermeil 24K


Gorgoneion Ring with Garnet Vermeil 24K


Apollo Sun Amulet Ring 18K Gold Plated


Gul Pendant Sterling Silver


Wedjat Necklace with Enamel 18K Gold Plated


Seljuks Dinar Luck Pendant Vermeil 24K


Lydia Lion Amulet Pendant Sterling Silver


Alyattes Cufflinks Sterling Silver


Alparslan Charm Brooch 18K Gold Plated


Alparslan Charm Brooch Sterling Silver


Haydar Brooch Sterling Silver


Sheshen Brooch 18K Gold Plated


Sheshen Brooch Sterling Silver


Alparslan Strength Brooch 18K Gold Plated


Wedjat Brooch 18K Gold Plated


Wedjat Brooch Sterling Silver


Winged Khepri Brooch 18K Gold Plated


Winged Khepri Brooch Sterling Silver


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